Cary Town Band Music Lists

Music lists for upcoming concerts are listed below.
These lists are preparatory and subject to change.
They are for future planning and promotions.

All Request Friday - Redux

Friday, May 16, 2014, 7:30 PM
Sertoma Amphitheatre, Bond Park
Cary, NC

On, WCPE, 89.7 FM, the last Friday every month is “All Request Friday” – an entire day of music by request. As we did a few seasons ago, the band rejoins in this tradition on the last Friday concert of our season with an entire program of music by request – from band and audience members gathered over the preceding season – favorites they want to play or hear again. Up to the last minute, the program is open; but a few works sure to be included: Ippolitov-Ivanov’s The Procession of the Sardar, Franz Schubert’s March Militaire, Leroy Anderson’s A Trumpeter's Lullaby, and C. E. Duble’s Bravura. Someone has requested a Beatles song or two. We’ll see about that one. Come join us to hear music selected by you. Got a request? Get it in early. See this site for details. This concert goes on rain or shine. In case of foul weather, the concert will move to the Cary Senior Center in Bond Park. Join us for All Request Friday - Redux. See you there.

Numbers will be selected from: **

68 The Procession of the Sardar * Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov
109 La Vie Parisienne * Jacques Offenbach
161 Aida (grand march) * Giuseppe Verdi
239 Bravura * C. E. Duble
241 March Militaire * Franz Schubert
263 1941 * John Williams
355 French Foreign Legion March & Fanfare * L. Dugat
386 Pirates of the Caribbean Suite * Klaus Badelt
387 Erzherzog Albrecht Marsch * Karl Komzàk II
465a Erzherzog-Albrecht Marsch * Karl Komzàk II
537 A Trumpeter's Lullaby *
Trumpet Soloist - Milton Carawan
Leroy Anderson
pdf Rosamunde Overture * Franz Schubert
pdf Atlantic Zephyrs * Gardell Simons
CP004 The boys from Liverpool * John Lennon & Paul McCartney
* Selection requested by band or audience members.
** All selections subject to change.

Valor Games Southeast
Closing Ceremonies

Thursday, May 22, 2014, 11:30 am
Location to be decided
Raleigh, NC

Nonprofit Bridge2Sports is hosting the Valor Games Southeast, May 20-21-22, a competition for wounded warriors and disabled veterans. Athletes are signing up at this time. The Closing Ceremony will be held at 12:00 pm Thursday May 22 at a location to be determined.
See Valor-Games-Southeast for more information.

Numbers will be selected from: **

70 The Stars & Stripes Forever John Philip Sousa
2 Americans We Henry Filmore
34 El Capitan John Philip Sousa
74 Star Spangled Spectacular George M. Cohan
71 Saber and Spurs March John Philip Sousa
B3 America the Beautiful Samuel A. Ward
11 Barnum and Bailey's Favorite Karl L. King
3 Armed Forces Salute Bob Lowden
84b Star Spangled Banner Francis Scott Key
  (Introductions and Speeches)  
376 God Bless America Irving Berlin
B5 Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean Traditional
B6 America Henry Carey
70 The Stars & Stripes Forever John Philip Sousa
* Selection requested by band or audience members.
** All selections subject to change.

27th Annual Patriotic Celebration -
A March for Patton

Thursday, Jul 03, 2014, 7:30 PM
Cary Arts Center - Theater
Cary, NC

General Patton

Did you know there was a march written for General George S. Patton, Jr.? Not the one from the movie, but one written for the General himself near the end of WWII. No? Well, neither did anyone else for the last 40 years, and known by very few for the 30 years before that. The delightful and energetic Third Army March, "Respectfully dedicated to Lt. Gen. George S. Patton, Jr. and the gallant Officers and men of the Third U.S. Army" on April 10, 1945, was recently rediscovered by our guest speaker, Colonel (VaARNG-Retired) Lawrence A. Devron in a trophy case at Shaw AFB near Sumter, SC. He brings it to us today to share with you at it’s North Carolina premier. We set the stage with German and British marches from the war and a Hymn to the Fallen. And, of course, there’s the annual pre-4th of July salute to our military service personnel past and present who have helped secure our freedom and liberty. It’s a concert event you definitely will not want to miss. Come rediscover with us A March for Patton. (And it’s cool indoors this year!)

Numbers will be selected from: **

tbn Our United States Frank Ventre
  Post the colors Boy Scouts of Occoneechee Council
Girl Scouts of Coastal Pines Council
  Taps (CTB Trumpets)
  Pledge of Allegiance (Audience)
84b Star Spangled Banner Francis Scott Key
3 Armed Forces Salute Bob Lowden
tbn Bugler's Lament
Cornet Soloist - Jim Murphy
Loring (Red) Nichols &
Robert Hammack
85a Unter dem Doppeladler Josef Franz Wagner
12 British Eight Zoe Elliott
tbp Patton Jerry Goldsmith / Arr. Ralph Ford
  "A March for Patton" Guest Speaker:
Lawrence A. Devron
Colonel US Army (Retired)
542 Third Army March
(NC Premier)
CWO Gregorio A. Diaz, Bandleader
61st Army Ground Forces Band,
Third U.S. Army
416 Hymn to the Fallen John Williams
70 The Stars & Stripes Forever John Philip Sousa
* Selection requested by band or audience members.
** All selections subject to change.