Cary Town Band Music Lists

Music lists for upcoming concerts are listed below.
These lists are preparatory and subject to change.
They are for future planning and promotions.

For All the Seasons

Friday, Feb 19, 2016, 7:30 PM
Cary Arts Center Theater
Cary, NC

Outside it’s still winter. Inside the theater it’s any season you want it to be, with music to go along with it. There’s Strauss’ Voices of Spring, Gershwin’s Summertime, King’s Autumn Flowers, and Bernard’s Winter Wonderland. Like dreams of Summer nights? You may hear music by Mendelssohn or von Suppé. Like to observe the change of seasons? Perhaps we’ll hear the world premier of two more movements from Holoman’s Change of Seasons Suite. Whatever your favorite time of year, come join with the band as we ignore the cold outside and celebrate with music For All the Seasons.

See the For All the Seasons concert poster

Numbers will be selected from: **

pdf Fall Festival March * W. P. Dabney
pdf Indian Summer - Pumpkin Dance * M. L. Lake
179 Autumn Flowers Carl Lawrence (K. King)
B31 The Last Rose of Summer Irish Air
pdf Midsummer Night's Dream Nocturne Felix Mendelssohn 
pdf A Summer Dream P. Hans Flath
582 Summertime ° * George Gershwin
pdf Summer Night's Dream Franz von Suppé
148 I've Made My Plans for the Summer John Philip Sousa 
pdf The Spring Maid Heinrich Reinhard
253 Voices of Spring Waltz Johann Strauss, Jr.
415 Winter Wonderland (Encore) Felix Bernard
* Selection requested by band or audience members.
° Music courtesy Chatfield Brass Band Library
** All selections subject to change.

Play With the Band II

Friday, Apr 08, 2016, 7:30 PM
Cary Arts Center - Theater
Cary, NC

We’re doing it again! Last year we invited young wind/percussion instrumental students with just a few years playing experience to sit in with the band for a series of rehearsals and a formal concert in the Cary Arts Center Theater – a “Play with the Adult Non-Pros” experience. A handful of students took the challenge with great success, so we’re extending the invitation again. As last year, we especially want to include those who take private lessons, are home schooled, or attend a school without a formal band. The music includes selections starting off with easier pieces and getting progressively more challenging. Local school music directors and private teachers can “nominate” students they feel are advanced enough to enjoy and grow from this experience. We will also entertain requests from parents with children they feel are ready for such a challenge. Who knows – perhaps some may be invited to participate with the band in future concerts. Come enjoy the talents of young musicians as they Play with the Band II.
Students and student sponsors, please see more information in the student invitation letter then complete and submit the included application form.

Numbers will be selected from: **

10b La Serenata Gaetano Braga
53 The Liberty Bell John Philip Sousa
86 Vienna Festival Overture Franz von Suppé
211 A Night in June Karl L. King
236 The Junk Man Rag C. Luckyth (Luckey) Roberts
512 Fairy Tale and March Sergei Prokofiev
Varner The Alamo March Will Huff
* Selection requested by band or audience members.
** All selections subject to change.

Surprise, Surprise!

Friday, May 20, 2016, 7:30 PM
Location to be determined
Cary, NC

Do you like surprises? Well, here’s a concert that’s just chocked full of surprises. First, where’s this concert going to be held? Every year for the past 20 years or so, our May concert has always been outdoors at the Sertoma Amphitheatre in Bond Park. But this year? It’s a surprise! We’re moving to the cool inside of the Cary Arts Center. What music will be featured? It’s a surprise! But, you can bet on at least one piece by Haydn. There’ll be an NC premier, too. Also, this will be the last “Silly Prize” concert this season. What “Silly Prizes” will be awarded? You guessed it – it’s a surprise. So join with the band as we do our best to surprise you with Surprise, Surprise!

Numbers will be selected from: **

  It's a Surprise ☺  
* Selection requested by band or audience members.
** All selections subject to change.